Amb. J M Matjila
Director-General of International Relations and Cooperation of the Republic of South Africa

Director-General, Ambassador, J M Matjila


Current Positions

Ambassador Jerry Matjila is the Director-General of the Department of International Relations and Co-operation (DIRCO).

Academic Qualifications

Ambassador has obtained the undermentioned academic qualification and underwent the following diplomatic training:

Masters Programme     - University of Stratclyede, Glasgow, Scotland
....................................(1996 – 1999)

Diplomas in Diplomacy - Paris, France and Brussels, Belgium [EU-ACP]
....................................(April – July 1992)
                                    Oxford, UK (July 1992)
                                    Oslo, Norway (November – December 1992)
                                    Germany (November – December 1993)
                                    Leadership Development Programme, University
....................................of Pretoria (2006)

Positions last held/Career/Membership;/Other Activities

For over thirty-five years, Ambassador Matjila has been involved in the formulation, articulation and defence of South African foreign policy, even when he served in the ANC in exile. He is one of the founding members of the new Department of Foreign Affairs in 1994 (now called the Department of International Relations and Co-operation), having been part of the core team that integrated various components: former DFA, ANC-DIA, PAC, Inkatha and the TBVC states. Consequently, Ambassador Matjila has a thorough knowledge of the Department over the last seventeen years during which he served, amongst others,  as Permanent Represenative of South Africa to the UN and other International Organisations in Geneva; served twice as Deputy-Director-General of  Branch: Asia and Middle East and Acting Director-General for Branch: Europe; South African Ambassador to the European Communities (EU), Kingdom of Belgium and Grand Duchy of Luxembourg; and South African High Commissioner to India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, The Maldives and Nepal.   Ambassador Matjila has been a member of the Top Management of the Department for thirteen years and has travelled to more than seventy countries, representing South Africa in various capacities.

Prior to the advent of the new democratic South Africa in 1994, Ambassador Matjila served as the ANC Chief Representative to Japan and North East Asia (Japan, Koreas, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore and Brunei (1988 – 1994); ANC Assistant-Representative to Sweden and Finland; ANC Regional Education Department in Lusaka, Zambia; and in the ANC Underground Structures responsible for Guiding and Management of ANC Underground Activities in South Africa (1978 – 1984). Ambassador Matjila went into exile in 1976.

Ambassador Matjila is married. He is committed to fitness and an avid reader.

Contact details

460 Soutpansberg Road

Tel: 012 – 351 1000



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