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Welcome to the website of the High Commission of the Republic of South Africa in Mozambique.

Besides being a gateway to our High Commission, our website is also one more way in which you can remain informed about all that is happening in our fantastic country. South Africa is a nation that is thriving, and you are certain to find valuable information here, including many great links to all that is going on. Whether you are interested in travelling to South Africa or Mozambique, doing business or discovering both countries’ diversified culture you will surely find a link related to your area of interest.

Our two countries have a long rich relationship. Mozambique was a pillar of strength for the liberation movement during the dark days of Apartheid. Due to the close geographical proximity many South Africans reside in Mozambique and vice versa. The close relations between the two governments added to the warm relations on a social front. Both South Africa and Mozambique are growing on the political, economic and social spheres, and it is a priority of the South African Government to further linkages for the better of the African Continent.

We welcome your suggestions and ideas, to make this website one that is an interactive forum through which we can communicate with those who want to better South Africa and Mozambique.

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